How To Combat Aggressive Behaviour In Your Rottweiler

Published: 18th October 2010
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The causes for aggressive behaviour in your rottweiler can be due to various things. One reason could be a dominance related issue between you and your rottweiler, or as a puppy he had a bad experience like being attacked by another dog which can be a trigger for aggression. Taking action against his aggression straight away is essential and it really doesnít matter what caused it. The results of prolonged aggression can be not only scary, but dangerous if not quickly taken to task.

What Causes Your Rottweilers Aggressive Behaviour?

Helping prevent your rottweilers aggression which could lead to biting you requires proper training and socialization from an extremely young age (6 weeks) Not only should you socialize your rottweiler up to at least 14 weeks of age but it will be enormously beneficial to continue this process for as long as possible.

This means several things. For a start a puppy that is younger than 8 weeks of age should not be taken away from its litter. Never use rough discipline with the puppy between 8 and 10 weeks and make sure the dog is very mildly treated in that time. Aggressive behaviours can develop in your puppy if you yell at him or hit him from a very young age.

To eliminate possible future aggression concerns your rottweiler should be fully socialised with tons of people and other dogs by the age of 14 weeks.

There are a number of things that can trigger aggressive behaviour. Some breeds can be a lot more prone to aggression than others and genetics cannot be ruled out but there are no set rules. Itís likely you will find dogs that are not de-sexed could be prone to aggressive tendencies.

A dogís environment is the one most important factor when it comes to creating aggressive behaviour. Dogs who live in truly shoddy conditions, have owners that strike them, are not socialised and may have suffered an attack from another dog are far more prone to being aggressive.

The need to demonstrate a "pack" leader can contribute to aggressive behaviour. Dogs will often test for dominance by either posturing or biting which are both displays of aggression. You'll need to establish dominance at a young age and sustain that position throughout the dog's adolescence to see to it that it doesn't get an opportunity to take command of the household.

Controlling Your Rottweilers Aggressive Behaviour.

If at 14 months when your rottweiler reaches sexual maturity and has been de-sexed he still shows signs of aggression, immediately take action so it doesnít become a problem. Itís important you become pack leader from the beginning. You must in no way reward your rottweiler if he displays any signs of aggression, particularly if he is frightened.

Controlling his feeding and walking times and training him to react to your commands will make sure your leadership position within the home. If you defer to the dog or permit it to take liberties in your home, it will exhibit stronger aggression toward others.

If your dog is defensive-aggressive, they may hit out at a person in fear. Itís possible that your rottweiler was not properly socialised. Small children may be viewed as a direct threat to your rottweiler so keep them at a secure distance and attend proper training sessions so your rottweiler can become socially acclimatised.

A lot of people have aggression problems with their dogs, but even as they age itís never too late to control this behaviour. Consider help from a professional trainer if your rottweilers aggressive behaviour advances to any kind of physical attacks so you or anyone else is no longer in danger.

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