Why You Need To Stop Your Rottweiler Puppy Chewing

Published: 18th October 2010
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If you're trying to stop puppy chewing, you must first recognize that chewing is a really instinctive and expected behaviour in a puppy. Chewing can occur due to teething or just simply boredom but rest a shore it will happen. It's more about redirecting his chewing rather than actually stopping him. You ought to generate plenty of things for your dog to do that they will not need to chew up your rug, slippers, or lounge cushions.

Why Is It Beneficial To Stop Your Puppy Chewing?

A lot of people think its ok to allow their young puppy to chew on anything they want. It's typical, right? Do not do the contrary by yelling and shouting at him as this will only trouble him, possibly creating other concerns. He will be taught that it's not ok to chew your things if you supply him with scores of alternatives.

How To Stop Him Chewing

There are a couple of things you can implement to stop your rottweiler puppy chewing. To start with, do not scold your dog openly or hit them for any reason. Directing your anger at your puppy is an absolute no no! They will not be able to work out what they did wrong and this will only confuse them. Alternatively, consider the following actions.

Adjusting His Behaviour - Remember do not stop him chewing, just make sure you are giving him heaps of alternatives. When you see him chewing something he should'nt, take it away and swop it for one of his toys and give him plenty of praise. Your puppy will then understand the difference between what is right and wrong when it comes to chewing.

Keep Your Rottweiler Puppy Occupied - If he is not bored all the time then he will not want to chew on your property. Chewing to keep occupied does not cease even when he has finished teething. It's really like watching the tv to them. Playing games with them like catch and giving them heaps of exercise will eliminate this problem. When you're not home be sure there are exciting toys that will keep them occupied.

Crate Training Can Help - When your not home put him in the crate with oodles of toys, he will be perfectly happy. You could also try putting him in a single room instead of the whole house which should have the indentical result.

Aversion Sprays - To stop rottweiler puppy chewing of things like rug or sofa cushions, which they can vigorously demolish, use a safe, humane spray like Bitter Apple or Cayenne Pepper that does not taste great to them. It will not take them long to link the bitter taste with chewing on the wrong thing.

You certainly do not want him chewing on your possessions or worst still your fingers, but remember it's a normal behaviour in a young puppy. If it is, you'll need to begin shifting it to something different.

Always Be Consistent

You have to be consistent and this will stop him chewing the wrong things. Do not let your dog chew on a slipper or a sock if you want them to leave your clothing alone. If you let him chew on a stuffed toy he will most likely chew on all stuffed toys as he does'nt know the difference. By giving him strict clear rules, we as owners are responsible for sticking to them. Your rottweilers ability to learn quickly will put an end to any chewing issues.

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